One day I was doing a craft with some young children. It came with specific instructions, which I attempted to explain to the children. They all dove into the supplies I had given them and started to create their own version. I thought “Wait! That’s not how it goes”, thinking the craft should follow the instructions perfectly. Then I noticed the joy the children were having with their “imperfect” craft. They displayed a very natural kind of confidence.

Perfectionism is about fear and trying to manipulate a result.

Confidence is “becoming like a little child”.

If you want to experience delight, spend more time with preschoolers. They are happy, peaceful, humble, trusting, curious and not interested in acquiring “stuff”. They forgive quickly and love naturally. They say what they are thinking. They are genuine. They are playful. Preschoolers don’t notice if you forgot to comb your hair or put your makeup on, or, if they do notice, they simply notice, without being judgmental. They have a very sweet and natural confidence.

Jesus called little children to come to Him. “And said, Verily, I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3).

It’s fun to watch preschoolers and ponder their natural confidence. Spend more time with little children!


What would happen if we spent more time with God and engaged in life in a manner displaying trust in His love and in His assistance? What if we stopped trying so hard to manipulate everything in our lives and simply moved through life knowing that He has our best interest in mind, that we are His only interest, that everything He does is for our benefit.

What if we simply let God love us? And feel completely grateful for His love?

I love spending time with preschoolers.

I love spending time with my Heavenly Father.


— -Not being afraid of failure

— -Not avoiding difficult responsibilities

— -Not being afraid to experience negative emotions or discomfort

— -Not doing more than you are able

— -Not being afraid of disapproval from others

— -Not being afraid of others disagreeing

— -Not being afraid of being wrong

— -Not being afraid of making mistakes

— -Being willing to learn, redirect, try something else

— -Elevating your thoughts

— -Being excited and fascinated with what you are doing

— -Becoming “as a little child”

— -Trusting yourself more

— -Trusting God more

— -Accepting and approving of your imperfect self

— -Telling yourself your story and it’s title the way you want it to be

— -10xing (Multiplying your results in life)

— -Accepting the imperfectness of circumstances and of other people

— -Having kindness and compassion for yourself and others

— -Loving and accepting every part of yourself, yet growing

— -Knowing and sensing something bigger

— -Owning your thoughts, feelings, actions and results

— -Getting a clear vision of what you want

— -Resisting distractions

— -Getting clear what life is really all about: God’s love, and Home with a capital “H”

— -Living congruent with truth and integrity

— -Being decisive and committed and sticking with it

— -Truly establishing your intentions

— -Living intentionally

— -Confidence building is an ongoing task

— -Taking your eyes off yourself, looking up and looking around

— -Really seeing the bigger picture

— -Turning your heart and will to God and getting a fresh view

— -Getting back up every time you fall

— -Every day, every day, every day

— -Really seeing individuals 1X1 100% (individually, with all of your attention)

— -Believing you can, with Help with a capital “H”

— -Loving and doing what feels like love

— -Doing what feels like confidence

— -Resting, resetting, refining and renewing continually

— -Wanting it more than you want oxygen

— -Following your all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful Leader with a capital “L”

Confidence comes from your God. Receive the gift. Receive the Giver.