Yes, it is possible, if you are willing to focus in the right way.

I was feeling overwhelmed because I overate, didn’t sleep well and unexpected circumstances changed our plans for the day, which I feared disappointed a couple of friends.

Here are the steps which helped me go from panic to peace in 30 minutes. It involved being mindful, even meditative.

— -One: Breathe. Figure out what thought was causing the feeling of panic. “I will never be able to stop these times of overeating! It’s impossible!”

— -Two: Process the feeling of panic by simply observing it and breathing into it.

“Where is it in my body? What is the color, shape, size, texture, movement?” Answer: “Tingly and tense, especially in my legs, like tiny white dots shaking and scared.”

“What is the message from the dots?”

Answer: “Please don’t scare us like that.” Me: “Okay, I’m sorry.”

Immediately the tension reduced. I have noticed in my coaching that simply observing the negative emotion in the body, and describing it causes it to ease up. Sometimes the feeling just needs to be acknowledged. Trying to push or bury the negative emotion makes it grow bigger.

Feelings are not the enemy. They are trying to give us a message. Pay attention.

— -Three: “If I DON’T want overeating or bad feelings, what DO I want?” (The moment you ask that question you switch from the negative realm to the positive realm.)

Answer: “I want to feel peaceful. I want God’s will.”

— -Four: Repent, which is a turning of the heart and will to God to get a fresh view. (Stephen R. Covey said that trying harder gets you a little progress, but finding a true paradigm, a fresh accurate view, gets you huge progress.)

Heavenly Father’s message to me right now? “Hand the weakness over to me. Trust me.”

His fresh view for me? “You can have great health, even while allowing flexibility in your food protocol. Ease up!”

— -Five: Then the Lord blessed me with 15 minutes of stretching and breathing while listening to my daughter-in-law (who is very peaceful) and her two delightful preschoolers.

15 minutes of mindfulness, plus 15 minutes with peaceful, delightful family members, brought me from panic to peace in 30 minutes.

It works. Try it if you would like. Pause. Breathe. Turn to God. Notice. Listen.