One day, many years ago I looked upward, upset with God that I had trials in life, that He didn’t make my life smooth and easy. He didn’t take offense. He listened lovingly and helped me through my trials.

A few years ago, I was walking through a sparkly snowy sunny meadow. I was filled with joy and gratitude for the creations of God, Jesus Christ. (I believe there are 3 distinct individuals or members of the Godhead: God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, who is their messenger.) The thought came very clearly into my mind: “Get your grandchildren outdoors in nature because that is where God is.”

When I think about or talk about God, sometimes I mean God the Father and sometimes I mean God, Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter. They are the same in purpose and love.

I have 67 years-worth of evidence of God. One daily evidence is nature. The outdoors is a great joy in my life. My favorite is probably the majestic mountains. I can hardly take my eyes off of them and I love to hike in them. The mountains make me feel grounded, protected and strong. I have been on hikes that were difficult. I love a challenge.

I’m not always glad that God allows me to have various kinds of challenges in my life. I know that He allows it because He loves me and knows that there is no growth without discomfort. He also knows it will increase my willingness to rely on Him and trust Him. I know I can do hard things, with His help.

At times I am afraid of things like rattle snakes, offending others or losing my health. I don’t want to be afraid. I ask Him to forgive me and help me not be afraid. He is extremely patient with me because I am His daughter. We are all His children. Sometimes God has to tell me something 100 times before I will really listen. Things work out better for me when I listen.

One morning as I sat in bed studying my scriptures. I heard a quiet knock on my door. I invited my young granddaughter in to draw pictures for me. As we sat quietly whispering, I knew this moment was more evidence of God and His love for me. When I look into the eyes of a child, I see God’s love and joy. One way God influences me is through children.

There are too many coincidences in my life to truly call them coincidences. For example, driving alone in the desert pulling a trailer with very heavy tires, which bounced off and rolled away. Very soon a strong young man “coincidentally” came along and devised a ramp to roll them back on for me. I could have been waiting for hours for someone to drive by.

God influences me through friends, such as those who showed up to help paper the floor in preparation for painting or bring me herbal remedies when I am sick. I see God in others.

I call God “Heavenly Father”. I like to take quiet moments to imagine holding His hand in both of mine and placing my cheek on His hand. I do the same for Jesus Christ, whose tender hands were nailed to a cross for me. They remember us all the time, not just once or twice a day, but literally 24/7. How would it be if we remembered Them all the time. Would life feel easier and sweeter. I believe so!