— -Been gone a week, bags not yet unpacked, table and counter totally cluttered, bed unmade, 3 issues requiring research and phone calls. “This is not a problem. Just take care of the issues. The messy house can wait.” Patience is being calm when the house isn’t.

— -Driving slippery, blowing, foggy roads and passing a jack-knifed semi-truck. “This is not a problem. Just drive slowly, pray and hum a little song.” Patience is holding up under pressure.

— -Many lively grandchildren in one cabin. “This is not a problem. Just enjoy them.” Patience is deep gratitude.

— -Messed up. Again. “This is not a problem. Just remember that life is a process and mistakes are stepping stones. Figure it out or let it go.” Patience is enduring trouble calmly and hopefully, especially if we are the trouble.

— -Someone is showing subtle signs of blaming me. “This is not a problem. Just compassionately allow the blame, knowing that it gives them a little relief from blaming themselves.” Patience is noticing, with curiosity and compassion, one’s own automatic response of negative feelings, without becoming a negative person.

— -Daily delays on the building project. “This is not a problem. Just let patience have it’s perfect work. The purpose of the project is not the project. The purpose of the project is to build character.” Patience endures delay, even suffering without becoming a person who is always upset.

— -People don’t look at things the same way or do things the same way. “This is not a problem. Just love them and be grateful that we each get to have our individualized growth experiences, and remember that their thoughts are an important part of that experience, even if their thoughts are negative towards us. It is not a problem because I like myself, imperfections and all. And I like them, too.” Patience is doing God’s will and trusting His timing and allowing others their own relationship with their God.

“Let patience have her perfect work…” (James 1).

“Let us not forget that even after faithful disciples have ‘done the will of God,’ they ‘(have) need of patience’ (Hebrews 10:36). Just as the trying of our faith works patience within us, when we exercise patience, our faith increases. As our faith increases, so does our joy.” (Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work, and Count It All Joy!, Jeremy R. Jaggi, Ensign November 2020)

This quotation looks like a formula to me: Challenges = Patience = Faith = Joy. I want joy. Do you?

“Patience is the capacity to endure delay, trouble, opposition, or suffering without becoming angry, frustrated, or anxious. It is the ability to do God’s will and accept His timing. When you are patient, you hold up under pressure and are able to face adversity calmly and hopefully” (Preach My Gospel, rev. ed. (2019), pg 126). I recently memorized this, because I have need of patience.

I appreciate my life coaches, Jody Moore and Natalie Clay teaching me the new thought pattern “This is not a problem.” It helps me a lot to say that to myself.

May we have patience and joy even amidst the lovely messiness of life.