A problem I’ve struggled with for too long is overeating. Since I am not overweight, you may be surprised to hear that. I’m 95 % good at eating healthy foods, but often I eat too much. The consequence of this is sometimes a tummy ache, and sometimes a feeling of dullness in body/mind/spirit.

After the indulgence, I feel remorse and pray for help to overcome. The fascinating thing is that the reason I haven’t been able to overcome is because I didn’t really want to give up overeating because it’s fun and comforting and yummy. It’s hard to conquer something you don’t really want to conquer.

Here is a formula for solving problems. It’s so simple that it’s easy to believe it won’t work.

The formula is the doctrine of Christ.




The Holy Spirit

Become as a little child

Some of you might be thinking, right now: “I tried praying and following Christ and it didn’t solve my problem.” Well, let’s look at it again. And again. Keep looking at the doctrine of Christ until something sparks with you!

First: Faith is believing that Heavenly Father wants to help us and is able to help us. Faith is a principle of action. What are we willing to do in order to overcome a problem? I know He will help me with this struggle of overeating, because He is helping me, ever since I decided I actually wanted help. Sometimes we have strong faith in His ability, but we don’t believe we can have access to His help, or we don’t believe we are worthy of His help. Or maybe we are angry that He didn’t help in the way we wanted to be helped.

Second: Repentance is a turning of the will and heart to Him, to get a fresh view. I used to go to Him after suffering the consequences of overeating. The fresh view I have received from Him is this: “Turn to Me at the moment of temptation.” He gives me strength when I am looking at some yummy food and I remember to ask Him to give me strength to resist. I never asked at the moment of temptation. But I am doing that now and getting wonderful results. We can turn to Him over and over again throughout the day.

Will I at times, in my weakness, fall off the band wagon? Yes! But because I’ve decided that I really want to conquer this bad habit, and because I am 100% committed, I won’t give up when I mess up. I will quickly get back on my determination. I won’t put myself down. I’ll just become interested in what happened to contribute to the mishap and re-resolve. This is finally feeling do-able to me.

Problems are solvable. Sometimes it takes longer than we would like.

Third: Baptism, to me signifies immersion. When I immerse myself in Heavenly Father and His ways, it’s so much easier to be the person I want to be. He is my source of love, guidance, confidence and strength. Immersion looks like “pray always”, “always remember Him”, in my reading material, you-tube viewing, the clothes I wear, how I spend my time, my types of conversations, etc. I want Heavenly Father to be everything to me! I want to think about Him and talk to Him and listen to Him and truly commune with Him.

Fourth: The Holy Spirit is a messenger from Heavenly Father. If I strive for peaceful steady rhythm I’m more likely to “hear” the messages. If I pray for reminders about my eating, they will come. When I strive to keep the Sabbath Day holy, I can feel more whole, more in tune. I can be renewed and changed. The world is so loud, and the yummy food calls loudly to me. If I pause throughout the day and breathe and listen for a moment, then I am more able to hear the quiet messages (thoughts and feelings) of the Holy Spirit. One thought that has come to me: “If you take better care of your body you can be more helpful in these trying times.”

Fifth: Becoming as a little child is my favorite, most delightful step. I love little children. They are curious, loving, forgiving, happy, trusting and they enjoy life so much! They are not afraid to look at you and tell you what is on their mind. They play. Do we, as adults, play enough? Do we play in a similar manner as children? Little children don’t try to impress you. They just enjoy your company. They are grateful. Whenever you are feeling bad, just hang out with a preschooler, and really observe and enjoy.

Little children don’t overeat, until we teach them to. Isn’t that interesting?


The doctrine of Christ can help solve our problems.

Solving my problem of overeating:

First: I believe Heavenly Father can and will help me if I truly want help.

Second: I can turn to Him repeatedly throughout the day and He is so delighted to help me.

Third: I truly want to immerse myself In Him and His ways every day.

Fourth: I’m learning to listen better to the personal revelation from the Holy Spirit. Takes effort.

Fifth: Little children teach me so much! I want to be like them when I grow up!

I love life! I love the challenge of solving problems.