That’s when it gets exciting!

When you feel you’ve tried everything and yet are stuck, stuck, stuck, it means you are now enrolled in the advanced classes. Congratulations! You are ready or you wouldn’t have been advanced.

This is when you call upon the abilities you didn’t know you had.

More importantly, this is when you call upon your God and truly discover Him.

This is the time to:

1. Pray like you’ve never prayed before.

2. Believe in a way that you didn’t know existed.

3. Decide what you truly, truly want.

4. Commit with everything you’ve got.

5. Put your brain into a focused (but peaceful) state.

6. Roll up your sleeves and take the first step. Get to work!

The exciting part is: You get to decide. You get to come up with a plan. You get to implement.

Just remember: It doesn’t work if you choose to do things outside of your integrity — things contrary to your values. It just won’t feel right to you. It won’t bring the results you want.

Ask yourself

— -What do I really want?

— -Why do I really want it?

— -Does it square with my values?

— -Am I being honest with myself about my efforts?

— -Is it really working but I’m just not noticing the progress?

— -Am I doing better than I give myself credit for?

— -Am I subconsciously rationalizing?

— -Is this “problem” really a problem or just an opportunity for growth?

— -Do I take responsibility for feeling good about myself, instead of waiting for others to validate me? Am I kind to myself? Do I like myself, imperfections and all?

— -Do I like my reasons?

Disliking yourself and criticizing yourself are not good ways to motivate yourself; they aren’t the way to get unstuck.

Are you aware of the resources available to you?

There are many resources available to you, family, friends, community, professionals, etc.

You are brilliant beyond imagination. You will know exactly what to do. You will know exactly what to say.

My best resource, hands down, is my Father in Heaven.

He knows me better than anyone else.

He loves me more than anyone else.

He is more patient than anyone else.

He is smarter than anyone else.

He is aware, attentive, accepting and available to me, always.

He places opportunities in my path.

If Heavenly Father doesn’t immediately step in, it tells me that He’s aware of my struggle, and He knows I’ll do fine. He’s the one that moved me up to the advanced classes because He knows I can totally handle it, with His help. He believes in me.

He really is with me every step of the way. Look for the evidence of His love and His help.

Help is available!

You are ready!

It’s exciting!

You get to decide!

I believe in you!