Wondering about god?

How to recognize him.

I wanted chocolate milk and He gave me green drink.

I wanted to walk and He told me I needed to learn to crawl first.

I thought I needed a spanking and He gave me a hug.

I thought He would give me the answer the first time I fasted and it took 4 or 5 Sundays in a row.

Do you sometimes wonder about God? Are you sometimes even angry with Him? Then you must be thinking about Him a little bit; or maybe a lot. Or has it been a long time since you’ve thought about Him and maybe you miss Him.

How can we believe in God or believe His words if we don’t know His character? Before we hire someone to do something important for us, do we research his or her character and qualifications?

Here are a few of God’s characteristics and qualifications to research:

— -God is our Father, our Heavenly Father. Before we came to earth to get a body, our Heavenly Parents created our spirits. I like to imagine that they rocked us and sang to us and taught us everything we would need to know to get started on our earthly journey.

— -Just like our earthly parents, they allow us to grow, even when growing means great effort and even suffering. Our Heavenly Parents believe in us! They are aware of us. Are we aware of them?

— -God loves us. I imagine that He is made up of molecules of love. He IS love! When we are learning to walk, and we stumble, He doesn’t yell at us. He says “Yay! You took a step!”

— -He is light! Too bad we sometimes put up the umbrella so we can’t feel His radiance and warmth.

— -He is truth. It’s all right that we are still in multiplication, because He knows calculus.

— -God gives us lots of chances. How many chances have we given Him?

When we have conversations with friends, do we just talk a lot then walk away without giving them a chance to say anything. Or do we pretend to be listening when we are actually distracted by other things? Do we give a lot of requests or demands to a friend, then walk away?

Doesn’t seem like a very good way to get to know someone and their characteristics.

What might change for us if we try a little harder and a little longer to get to know our Heavenly Father?

What if we just get more curious? I want to know Him better. I love him.

(I’m glad He gave me green drink instead of chocolate milk. Too much chocolate milk makes me sick.) 🙂